Welcome to Rock Rendezvous

About the club and how to join

Rock Rendezvous is a loose knit group of people who get together once a month to talk about climbing, plan climbing trips, share their experiences by showing slides or telling stories. We have a varied membership and whether you climb sport, trad, alpine, ice or boulder, you will find someone who shares your interests. We also encourage each other to participate in other sports together and some folks who enjoy biking, skiing or running have found partners for those activities as well.

The membership fee is $15 ($7 if joining in September or later), which covers the cost of camp fees, backcountry permits, our annual Christmas party in December. In the past we have also donated money to worthy causes. Such expenditures are not incurred without membership approval.

We try to offer at least one trip per month. Rock Rendezvous does not (I repeat, DOES NOT) do any instruction of climbing, nor do they arrange partners or provide equipment. Each person is responsible for bringing the required skills, equipment and partners. Meetings are the best way to meet prospective climbing partners. We also encourage you to attend our weekly bouldering or gym sessions to get an idea of the level of climbing people are at and who would be a suitable partner for you. Trip organizers will put individuals looking for partners in contact with each other, but the rest is up to you.

I use the term, "trip organizer" very loosely, because the organizing usually amounts to getting campground reservations (if necessary), arranging car pools and planning a Saturday evening potluck (depending on the trip). Usually people will go off in different directions to do their own climbs, and come back in the evening to swap stories. We do try and plan occasional trips to areas that allow easy leads or topropes so that members who are new to the sport and/or don't lead can participate.

Please take a look at our current (And archived) newsletters to get an idea of what we get up to. Also you are encouraged to attend our meetings and get to know us. Ask for any of the masthead and come up and introduce yourself. We are looking forward to meeting you.

Please be aware of our policy regarding participation in a club outing. We require that you are a paying member and have signed the waiver. Fill out an application form and mail or email it to Jake Strzelecki, our treasurer.

Here are the steps to joining our club: