Privacy Policy for

What personal information does RR collect?
When you register for an account on, you must supply your first name, last name and, as a bare minimum, one way to contact you, either a telephone number or an email address. If you supply both, you can chose to keep one of them private, meaning that it will never be displayed on the web site except to administrators.
Why does RR collect personal information?
Your name and contact information are used when you sign up for a trip. Trip signups are the only feature of the web site that currently require login. If you don’t want your information shared with other members, it’s simple: don’t sign up for trips. If you do wish to sign up for trips, it is essential that everyone going on a trip be able to contact other members on the same trip. You may also optionally choose to have your information listed on a members list so that people can find you and invite you to climb with them.
What does RR do with your personal information?
RR uses your personal information exclusively to help put you in contact with other members, especially those who are going on a trip with you. In the near future, we hope to have an online directory of members, viewable only by members in good standing who are logged in. You will be able to specify that you wish your information to be kept private so that it will not appear on the list. To keep things fair, you will only be allowed to view the information pertaining to other members that you allow to be viewed for you (in other words, if you want to keep your e-mail private, you will not have access to anyone else’s e-mail).
How does RR protect your personal information?
With the exception of masthead members, whose information is widely available in the newsletter and so on, your information is available only to members who are logged in. Pages that show your e-mail or phone number all require login and require that visitors be a members in good standing. The general public surfing the site and, more importantly, email harvesters, will not be allowed to access the pages on which your email or phone number is displayed.